About Us

As ravers who were affected by clear bag policies being implemented at music events in our home state of Arizona, we noticed a need for a hydration pack that is both functional and clear bag compliant. With traditional brands not being able to keep up with current demand, we saw an opportunity to jump in and fill the void. After some late nights and early mornings ClearedM was born.

ClearedM was founded upon the same values that we all share within the EDM community: Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. You’re not just another customer to us, but a member of the ClearedM Family. The generosity and authenticity we experience at every event is what we look to pass to you.

With a ClearedM hydration pack you are Cleared for every event. Never worry about being turned away at security again. We have worked with some of the biggest festivals in the country to ensure our clear hydration packs are compliant with clear bag policies beginning to be implemented throughout the country.

Our goal is to be a brand you can trust and depend on for years to come. This is just the beginning. We hope we can be right there with you at your next magical event. Get Cleared for it today!

With Love,

The Team at ClearedM